Rise of Tribes

Created by Breaking Games Team

Rise of Tribes is a 2-4 player board game. You are a prehistoric people, looking to grow in number, gather resources and lead your people to victory. Build villages, discover advancements and control territories to win! Design by Brad Brooks (Letter Tycoon), published by Breaking Games. Thanks to Kickstarter, this game is full of upgraded components, more art and epic bonus content. For a limited time, we're offering a reduced price on both standard and deluxe editions. We hope you enjoy Rise of Tribes!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Shipping Worldwide!!
about 1 year ago – Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at 01:35:04 AM

Hi all,

July is the most amazing month ever. I thought it was last July, when we completed and funded this massive Kickstarter campaign. But no, THIS July - games are arriving, and that's the best!

Picture by backer George Parker

Seeing the pics and praise already from it hitting the tabletops has been so exciting! We are busy shipping, answering questions, resolving issues, posting FAQ, designing scenarios and more!


O Canada! Where did the copies go? Well, it took a bit of time to get these from dock to Snakes and Lattes in Toronto. But good news - these are being shipped by early next week at the latest, hopefully with tracking slips generated this week. 

Picture by backer Jill Heller


If you are wondering if your specific country is shipping soon, the answer is YES. Our UK shipment, which covers most of the copies ordered around the world, is shipping starting now, and expects to have all packages in the mail by Thursday. This is early, so we are thrilled! So just to reiterate, you may wonder... I live in _______, is my copy shipping??

France - yes
Croatia - yes
England - yes
Brazil/Russia - still no :(
All other countries not in the world cup anymore (sorry Belgium)- YES!


If your copy is not 100% to your satisfaction, of course we will fix and replace any missing or damaged items. Please fill out this form so we can track the issue and get you correct stuff ASAP. https://breakinggames.com/pages/customer-service

NOTE: If you think you are missing either dice or an action board, please be sure to double check, as these items are sneaky and sometimes hiding from you. We've posted 2 videos on youtube explaining both what's in the box, and how to put it back!
Box Contents Video #1 - find all the stuff!
Box Contents Video #2 - store all the stuff!


We're around to answer any questions you might have - you can ask on Kickstarter, you can ask in our Facebook group, or you can check out the Official Rise of Tribes FAQ on BGG.

Thank you to Brad Brooks for maintaining it with the latest/greatest questions and thanks to all for engaging there. Also a shout out to Mike Vander Veen at Print and Play for jumping in and answering a ton of BGG questions and running our Breaking Games account on BGG!


With the imminent delivery of Rise of Tribes worldwide, we are working hard to complete the many digital language PDFs planned. I want to offer my sincerest thanks to those backers who have been working on these and Chris Strain on our team for helping get the finals finished.

Here's a brief status of each language, in the order I expect them to complete. Please bear with us if the delivery does not match day and date with receiving your copy. Know that we're going to finish these as planned, even as they take extra time and care.

German PDF - translations by Torsten Sammet. Translations complete, layout complete. Torsten to review final layout.
French PDF - translations by Julien Gerard. Translations complete, now in layout phase, then final review.
Spanish PDF - translations by Roberto Zaragoza Gascón and Astrid Dalmady. Translations complete, pending layout phase, final review.
Dutch PDF - translations by Wim Leenaerts - Translations complete, pending layout phase, final review.
Italian PDF - translations by Mirko. Translations complete, pending layout phase, final review.
Hungarian PDF - translations by Baratosi Botand. Translations complete, main rulebook complete, pending bonus layout, final review.
Mandarin PDF - translations by Wei-Chun Yang and Mike. Translations and layout in progress.
Brazilian Portuguese PDF - translations by Filipe Raitz. Translations complete, pending layout, final review.
Turkish PDF - translations by Cakir Alp. Translations pending completion and layout.

A Look at Leader Cards - Mu'k'a'an

So far, we've looked closely at the Daba, Kia-Kia, Tunga, Indartsu and Kaha tribes. Now, let's check out the Mu'k'a'an faction. Leader powers are easy to mix into gameplay - just choose which side you want to be your power for the game.


INTIMIDATE - The best offense is a good offense. Get out of my hex! This is a great ability to have flexibility over the achievement cards and also be able to keep up with the rest of the aggressive factions. 

SHARED BOUNTY - Let me in your hex! This is the fun opposite feeling to many of the isolation strategies. Yes, you'll have to convince the other tribes to leave your scout alone, but this fits with many of the achievement and development cards. Here you want to be with everyone, because every single gather then helps you. 

Both Mu'k'a'an leader powers feel great for a goal card strategy!


Don't forget our unboxing contest part 1, mentioned in the last update. We're still taking unboxing videos through July 15 and picking one lucky backer who shared to win a Sabertooth Dice Tray!

Picture by backer Bree Goldman. Team Sabertooth might be in trouble...


Peter and the team at Breaking Games

Rise of Tribes - Are we there yet??
about 1 year ago – Wed, Jun 27, 2018 at 12:54:14 AM

We're about to be at the most exciting part of the Kickstarter - the moment when games arrive at tabletops all over the world. July is going to be a beautiful sight!

IN THIS UPDATE, the latest shipping, an unboxing contest, videos, community position, and more!

Latest Shipment News

The biggest news is for the US backers, as Blackbox reports that the warehouse handling these orders is ahead of schedule and expects to ship all US bound copies by the end of the week. WHAT? Yes, you may or may not have received a FedEx or other notification but either way  - shipments are coming! It's about to be very, very real. We're so thrilled!

Don't worry, if you're not in the US, your game is also coming as soon as possible. I am checking in with Blackbox regularly about the status. We'll keep you posted. The UK ship just arrived in port. If so, we're officially with landed inventory for all backers, and that is truly exciting.

Unboxing Contest - Win a Sabertooth Dice Tray!

As mentioned above, this is one of the best moments of the campaign. A finished product that you helped create and realize. We want to be there - in your home (well, not in a weird way) - when you open it! So we thought - what could we give back for sharing the unboxing moments? How about winning something? The most fun video(s) will be awarded one of our cool limited edition Sabertooth trays, made by the fine folks at Dogmight! We are sure there are both budding content creators out there, and people who missed out on this one-of-a-kind tray.


We'll host two rounds of prizes, one now and a second wave to give our backers around the world a fair shot (and you get to see all the videos previously made). Post anywhere and everywhere - just be sure to tell us - on youtube, on FB, share on the Rise BGG wall and we'll thumb you up! Brad will pick the first winner on July 15. Have fun! 

Rise of Tribes Tournaments and Videos

As the game hits tables, we're here to record some videos on how-to-play your first game, strategy tips, and more. Tell us anything you want to see!

This past weekend, we turned on cameras at Breaking Games West in Los Angeles, opened the first case of production copies and hosted the first ever Rise of Tribes tournament! The goal was to show the game, start our twitch channel as total newbs and explore how various tourney modes throughout July would play out.

While I have not ironed out the kinks and figured out how to produce entertaining or edited video yet, I have posted the raw tourney #1 finals footage on Breaking Games YouTube. I don't expect folks to watch that unless you're bored, but rather than delay until edited, I decided to post what I have and keep improving. If you'd like to follow along when we create some more polished video - subscribe to Breaking Games YouTube or find us on the Rise of Tribes Facebook.

Community Position

If you or anyone you know is both aspiring to be a bigger part of the boardgame community AND loves Rise of Tribes (as far as you know so far anyway), and is prepared to be the expert on all things Rise of Tribes, we are looking to hire some part time community support for this game. You'd have to be willing to talk on all the BGG forums, FB groups and such. Yes, talk about a game and get paid! Reach out to me - peter AT breakinggames DOT com, and I'm happy to talk about it further.

A Look at Leader Cards - Daba

So far, we've looked closely at the Kia-Kia, Tunga, Indartsu and Kaha tribes. Now, let's check out the Daba faction. Leader powers are easy to mix into gameplay - just choose which side you want to be your power for the game.


TRADER - over powered? only useful in some games? - you be the judge. If you choose this power, you can trade goods 2 for 1 at any time in the game (just not for sheep), which can be critical for a few of the events (Altar, Abandoned Village and others) as well as village building. 

CRAFTY BUILDERS - If you are ready to go village building hard core, this is the power to choose. This gives Daba a unique edge to get a village on turn 1, even without the third turn or fourth turn order resources - just add sun! Be prepared for village aggro if you go too fast with village points, but by then it might be too late for your foes!

Dice Tower Con!

To celebrate our July lucky dice roll, we've sent a copy to the fine Dice Tower folks. See if you can find it in the wild at this con! (or maybe even bring your copy to share because it's possible now!) If you see it on a table at the con, we want pics!

Peter and the Rise of Tribes team!

Rise of Tribes - early June update
about 1 year ago – Tue, Jun 05, 2018 at 12:54:00 AM


An important note on shipping addresses. As we are now approaching our next phase, we are looking to LOCK ALL SHIPPING ADDRESSES as of end of day, SUNDAY, JUNE 10. If you have any changes to your address, it must be done now. Thank you!

To check your address and pledge, please visit: https://rise-of-tribes.backerkit.com/ using the email address you used on Kickstarter. 

If you have any issues at all, please contact me directly at peter AT breakinggames DOT com.


I have more info AND TRACKING on the boats, but I want to first stress something about timeline and estimates. We are sharing because we want to keep everyone included on the process, even as exact dates/timing may be fluid. Please understand that shipping dates are not 100% exact, there are a lot of steps to fulfillment, especially as we get to specific countries, then individual backer deliveries. 

The past couple weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotion as one minute, it looks like we'll be earlier than I thought, and the next, I find out how many more steps are involved in taking games out of a freight container, etc. I have variable estimates now that range from end of June/early July to end of July (on the most conservative timelines). It is hard to say for sure. The best I can do is to keep updating. We're here for every single backer and we will make sure everyone gets their games!

So let's talk boats. I know we are all eagerly awaiting the boats, and game arrivals. None more so than the designer, seen here with his club in hand at the shore:


While the invader meeple is in jest, this IS actually a picture of one of the first four boats carrying all backer copies of Rise of Tribes across the sea. A few backers have asked for tracking information, and we're happy to share that - links below. 

Keep in mind that while the product may arrive at port in early/mid June, it's just the beginning of your game's journey to your table. Still, an exciting step! 


The Cosco Belgium - headed to the Longbeach, CA USA

The Maren Maersk - headed to Felixtowe, UK (This one doesn't show final destination or timing yet in the tracking).

The OOCL Italy - headed to Sydney, Australia

The OOCL San Francisco - headed to Vancouver, Canada


A look at Leader Cards - Indartsu and Kaha

Previously, we looked closely at the Kia-Kia and the Tunga tribes. Now, let's check out the Indartsu and the Kaha tribes. Leader powers are easy to mix into gameplay - just choose which side you want to be your power for the game.


FARMING - This is a great way to get tribe members on the map, and keeps you viable even in games when you don't get pottery (bonus grow effect) or mild winter (more tribes). Two things to be careful about - you have to keep moving tribes OFF those village spaces to avoid internal conflict, and watch out for building too many villages too fast and becoming a target!

EXOGAMY - This is a flexible, but very expensive power, requiring 2 resources paid to your opponent. However, it's rarely something your opponents will see coming and can be used in clutch situations to get a goal achieved, especially majority or control based ones.



WAYFARERS - This is a very flexible power, often useful late game to stop someone's village that is too far away or help yourself get a land for a last minute majority/control. It's also often overlooked mid game and beyond from your opponents - just be sure to keep some wood around.

FOCUSED EFFORT - Almost everyone who plays Kaha picks Wayfarers (because it's cool sounding), but this flipside power can actually get you an edge on resource gaining without much notice, and plus it works with other strategies benefitting from tight big groups of your tribes.


Thank you all for reading, and for your patience with shipping and fulfillment. We're almost there. In our mid June - we'll talk about the foreign language versions of the rulebook and cards we've been working on.

Peter and the team at Breaking Games

Almost in the Canoe! - Early May update!
over 1 year ago – Sat, May 05, 2018 at 01:13:32 AM

HI backers!

May is exciting times here! The BOAT departs this month! With all the GAMES on it. Everything is going according to schedule. I have heard reports that the wood pieces are done, which was one of our longest timelines. Now to wish them well drying and packing up. We're looking at May 15-20, departing the docks.


So, how soon do we get our games then, you might wonder? We still have to weather sailing, docking, warehousing, fulfilling and shipping. Estimates vary per country, but our current guesses are as follows:

From Australia warehouse: June 13-June 26
From United States warehouses: June 22-July 4
From Canada warehouse: July 2-July 15
From UK warehouse (to most of world): July 2 - July 15


The Quest For Sleeves.

These days, our tribe has hunted for not food or fire, but card sleeves. And we have heard your cries in the night. The first part of the quest involved finding the latest and greatest sleeves on the market. I turned to Mayday, who makes a mini card sleeve 45x 68mm and also a premium card game sleeve, 70mm x 70mm. Shout out to Daniel Peterson at Mayday who hooked me up with some samples!

Next up - do they fit? I assumed you would need to put them all in the bottom the box. As it turns out - the mini cards FIT! Just so. And the leader cards don't fit, but do have two locations they could go - either on top of their ledge, or in the bottom of box. 

SaberTooth Dice Trays!

Just got an update from DogMight on the Rise of Tribes custom Sabertooth Dice trays!  Word is that they are moving along well, and over halfway done. Attached are pics of some coming through finishing and waiting for felt.


Dogmight is also back on Kickstarter right now - DogMight wooden Dice. This crew is made up of epic RPG fans, and with this campaign they are not only making wicked cool custom dice, but they are also telling RPG stories throughout the campaign updates - very fun!

A Look at Leader Cards - Tunga 

Last update we peered into the world of the Kia-Kia. Now, let's look at the Tunga tribe. Leader powers are easy to mix into gameplay - just choose which side you want to be your power for the game.


HIDDEN VILLAGE - Your second village is built on your player board and can’t be attacked. This is a great move if you want to focus on your own goals rather than attacking others, but you have to be careful. If you’re ever wiped off the board, this village disappears too.

LIGHT IN THE DARK - take control of the dice! This is great if you’re dice-cursed and end up rolling more moons than you’d like. Just pay a resource to change a moon into a sun and make sure that the sun never sets on your tribe.


Happy Weekend!
May the 4th be with you! We hope you have some good gaming this weekend. It won't be long now until we're rolling dice together! Thank you to all our backers who have checked out and even supported our saucy party game, Sparkle*Kitty Nights on Kickstarter!

Peter and the Rise of Tribes team

Rise of Tribes - Mid April Update
over 1 year ago – Sun, Apr 22, 2018 at 01:51:17 AM

Production Update

As promised, we are now updating twice a month, so the next check in is here! Production continues! The timeline is still holding strong - we're looking to put these games on a boat in May, and deliver in June and July. June?? Yes, late June should be possible for several countries/regions. More to come in the next updates.

We'll keep the address changes and orders open for now, until the last possible moment. Expect a warning in the next update and the cutoff to be around mid-May for last call.

Mentions of Rise of Tribes in the Wild

We caught wind of two Rise of Tribes mentions from the Dice Tower hosts! Jason Levine's top 10 anticipated games of 2018 has Rise of Tribes at #8! And Mandi and Caryl from To Die For Games take a look at Rise of Tribes (an older prototype copy) and love it!

Pax East Pins and Tribes

Pax East plays of the game went great in Boston. We had full sign ups the entire weekend, and many backers got to see the goods, while buying the Pinny Arcade Rise of Tribes pin. If you are a backer who played at PAX, hopefully you can share on the comment wall or in the FB group about your play. A lot of people like you still wonder if they backed a good game, so let them know :) I am looking forward to all the reviews when this hits tables.

A look at the Leader Cards: Kia-Kia

As we get closer to game release, I figure we'll look at some events, some scenarios and some of the leader abilities. (and post these on BGG forums for discussion).

So remember, the core game doesn't use leader abilities - all tribes are equal except for their village recipe. But these leader powers are so easy to mix in and so much fun. You simply choose one side of the card to be your power.

Let's discuss the Kia-Kia. I know they were the last tribe unlocked, but I feel their powers came together immediately:

AMBUSH - could be my favorite. When you grow, you may add meeples to your board, not the map. Then you get to emerge from the bush in a surprise move during conflict. This comes at a price - you can't get that 'build all tribe achievement' while you are hiding, and majorities can be harder, but it truly does offer you some interesting flexibility and movement. 

DREAMTIME - shape the events in your favor! If you find events too random, or you just want to know when the volcano or the tiger is coming (or not), this is a lot of fun. It's hard to remember to do before your roll, so be wary of that. If you get into a rhythm with it, you get used to it. And I love being able to plan for the next event and stay a step ahead. 

Thank you, and more to come!


Sparkle*Kitty Nights - Kickstarts May 1

As mentioned, Sparkle*Kitty is very different than Rise of Tribes but if you had fun on this Kickstarter and appreciate great art (right?), I'm pretty sure the next one will be a pretty, silly, but totally fun ride.

We're a bit busy working on prepping this one for launch (in just 9 days!), but as we enter May, a crazy time doing several things at once, we promise to keep Rise of Tribes moving as planned and keep you up to date.

Thanks and talk again the first week of May!
Peter and Breaking Games