Rise of Tribes

Created by Breaking Games Team

Rise of Tribes is a 2-4 player board game. You are a prehistoric people, looking to grow in number, gather resources and lead your people to victory. Build villages, discover advancements and control territories to win! Design by Brad Brooks (Letter Tycoon), published by Breaking Games. Thanks to Kickstarter, this game is full of upgraded components, more art and epic bonus content. For a limited time, we're offering a reduced price on both standard and deluxe editions. We hope you enjoy Rise of Tribes!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Rise of Tribes - Mid April Update
about 2 years ago – Sun, Apr 22, 2018 at 01:51:17 AM

Production Update

As promised, we are now updating twice a month, so the next check in is here! Production continues! The timeline is still holding strong - we're looking to put these games on a boat in May, and deliver in June and July. June?? Yes, late June should be possible for several countries/regions. More to come in the next updates.

We'll keep the address changes and orders open for now, until the last possible moment. Expect a warning in the next update and the cutoff to be around mid-May for last call.

Mentions of Rise of Tribes in the Wild

We caught wind of two Rise of Tribes mentions from the Dice Tower hosts! Jason Levine's top 10 anticipated games of 2018 has Rise of Tribes at #8! And Mandi and Caryl from To Die For Games take a look at Rise of Tribes (an older prototype copy) and love it!

Pax East Pins and Tribes

Pax East plays of the game went great in Boston. We had full sign ups the entire weekend, and many backers got to see the goods, while buying the Pinny Arcade Rise of Tribes pin. If you are a backer who played at PAX, hopefully you can share on the comment wall or in the FB group about your play. A lot of people like you still wonder if they backed a good game, so let them know :) I am looking forward to all the reviews when this hits tables.

A look at the Leader Cards: Kia-Kia

As we get closer to game release, I figure we'll look at some events, some scenarios and some of the leader abilities. (and post these on BGG forums for discussion).

So remember, the core game doesn't use leader abilities - all tribes are equal except for their village recipe. But these leader powers are so easy to mix in and so much fun. You simply choose one side of the card to be your power.

Let's discuss the Kia-Kia. I know they were the last tribe unlocked, but I feel their powers came together immediately:

AMBUSH - could be my favorite. When you grow, you may add meeples to your board, not the map. Then you get to emerge from the bush in a surprise move during conflict. This comes at a price - you can't get that 'build all tribe achievement' while you are hiding, and majorities can be harder, but it truly does offer you some interesting flexibility and movement. 

DREAMTIME - shape the events in your favor! If you find events too random, or you just want to know when the volcano or the tiger is coming (or not), this is a lot of fun. It's hard to remember to do before your roll, so be wary of that. If you get into a rhythm with it, you get used to it. And I love being able to plan for the next event and stay a step ahead. 

Thank you, and more to come!


Sparkle*Kitty Nights - Kickstarts May 1

As mentioned, Sparkle*Kitty is very different than Rise of Tribes but if you had fun on this Kickstarter and appreciate great art (right?), I'm pretty sure the next one will be a pretty, silly, but totally fun ride.

We're a bit busy working on prepping this one for launch (in just 9 days!), but as we enter May, a crazy time doing several things at once, we promise to keep Rise of Tribes moving as planned and keep you up to date.

Thanks and talk again the first week of May!
Peter and Breaking Games

Rise of Tribes - Production, Pins and Plans
about 2 years ago – Mon, Apr 02, 2018 at 01:52:41 AM

HI all,

As I write this message on the start of Easter and April 1, I have just barely missed posting in March as hoped, but won't be making any April Fool's jokes, so I hope that makes up for it. Besides, April Fool's jokes about the stone age might have more dire consequences...

In this episode, you'll find:

  • Latest Production Schedule and News
  • Updating More often!
  • Pax East Pin Quest!
  • New Breaking Games Kickstarter plans, Sparkle*Kitty Nights

Latest Production Schedule and News
At this point, we are getting a lot of messages saying - Ahem, March?? And I think that is reasonable. We did post a NEW timeline in January, but I know that some folks have pre-ordered and not on KS and some of you may have missed that post. It's worth posting again here, as we look at how the mammoth is now on the journey to summer release!

There are two notes in red here. The first, March 20th, is the date we made final final approvals. After the pre-production copy arrived, our whole team felt it nearly hit perfectly, but there were actually 9 things we pushed back to correct, (little things mostly, but 1-2 with potential big production consequences so we talked over those things, and spent March fixing them). I had assumed this would push also our release, but no! The amazing thing is, not only are those issues corrected, but we are looking slightly ahead of schedule coming out of that! (See revised May shipment timing).

Updating More Often - Mammoth-sized or not
With the questions coming up more and more on timing, and because we have a lot to share, we plan on increasing updates and communication. My new projected plan is to send a note every 2 weeks, with or without major news, and keep the channel open, as well as use this time before the game comes out to tell more strategy updates, discuss our foreign language translations, etc. Here are some rough dates for updates going forward:

  • April 1 (THIS one, no joke!)
  • April 15-21
  • April 29-May 5
  • May 13-19 (games get on a boat!)
  • May 27-June1
  • Jun 10-16 - Games?
  • Jun 24-30 - Games?
  • Jul 15-21 - Games?
  • Jul 29 (week of Gen Con, Rise of Tribes releases to public!)

You'll notice some ? noted on exact Rise of Tribes games arrival. This is due to logistics per country of the world! As we get further updates, you'll find out when YOU should get your copy of this cool game!

PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) EAST PIN QUEST!
Breaking Games is at booth #TT81

Enamel pins seem to be all the rage, and pin trading is a thing? I don't personally get into it, but apparently how it started at PAX shows is inspiration from Disney pin trading, and in 2013, PAX began a pin program. We've been to a few PAX Shows now, and these pins are a huge draw. And we're honored to get not 1 but 2 designs accepted this year - our first entries ever! One of them features the mammoth from Rise of Tribes!

We'll also show the latest pre-production copy of the game at PAX East in our booth, so please come say hello if you are attending!

New Breaking Games Kickstarter Plans
As you know, Rise of Tribes was a first in-house Kickstarter for Breaking Games! Thank you again for making it a blast! We do print/publish many of the top Kickstarter games made and we create many more games outside Kickstarter, but honestly, connecting with all of you has been a huge thrill, and we're looking to do more, when the games are the right fit for this platform.

Right now, we have several strategy games being considered, including a new Rise of Tribes set in the distant future with some twists, a sci-fi Planet building game with unique alien species and a massive, fantasy-themed game, featuring worker placement, individual player powers, tableau building, fighting, and a different gameboard every time you play. More on these to come!

We also have a party game or two planned, the first of which - Sparkle*Kitty Nights - is launching next month on May 1! (More info below). We planned and timed this launch with an exclusive Tabletop Day promotion, before we knew we'd be delivering Rise of Tribes in summer, so please forgive us telling you about something before you have our first Kickstarter in hand! We want you to know because we know some folks will want this silly, saucy party game. Some key points about our Kickstarter plans in general:

  • We will do a variety of games on Kickstarter (light vs heavy, card vs board)
  • This account will stay focused on games, we may do a separate KS for toys
  • We are looking at 1-3 Kickstarter campaigns per year.
  • We'll always aim for thematic titles, great art, superb production quality for price
  • We'll tell you about each one so you can choose which ones you like!

May 1 - Sparkle*Kitty Nights
A social card game with hidden roles, teams,and silly, innuendo filled word-play for those with dirty minds - Kickstarting next month
Teaser Trailer and email sign up

Happy Holidays!
If you are celebrating Easter or Passover, we wish you a nice time with loved ones. And/or - we wish you a wonderful April, and we'll check back in mid-month with the latest news on Rise of Tribes.

Peter at Breaking Games

Rise of Tribes Pre-Production Sample!
over 2 years ago – Sun, Feb 18, 2018 at 11:58:24 PM

Exciting times in Rise of Tribes land in February. Chinese New Year has begun! But first - a box arrived from our manufacturing team, and while it was full of invaders, volcanoes and sabertooth tigers, we decided to open it anyway!

Below you'll find unboxing videos as we discover the contents of the pre-production sample copy.


part 1 - open the heavy box! the diecuts with hexes, player boards and more

part 2: storage for your deluxe, boards, meeples, event tiles, goal cards

 part 3 - arrowheads, advanced game, dice!


And now - 94 pieces of custom wood upgrades. Designed to be light weight, snug and safe in it's own box AND fits right in the main box. Check it out:


Here's just a few snapshots of the components. Everything is looking fantastic! We should be good to get yours made now! 










We're really excited! We're at the New York Toy Fair right now. Breaking Games has a giant booth, (#6913 if you're there) and Rise of Tribes is prominently displayed. Interested retailers and distributors can check out the game and find out what you already know - a great game is coming!

- Breaking Games

Bigger. Better. A Bit Behind.
over 2 years ago – Fri, Jan 26, 2018 at 11:46:17 PM

Happy 2018! 

Thousands of years ago, a nomadic people wandered about, with really only two things to do - watch carefully for wild animals, and wait for the glaciers to melt and reveal their Kickstarter games. Not much has changed, really.

Here's an update to our production journey, which is longer than anticipated, but nevertheless full of victory points, and exciting moments. In January, we rolled double moons and pulled our first event - the tray wasn't able to hold everything we stuffed into the box. We explored options, and ended up with - a slightly bigger box! Yay? Blood Rage - watch out!

With Chinese New Year coming up, all our manufacturing teams overseas have been prepping as much as possible before then, and will manage to get a sample before they break for celebrations. This is our next step, looking at this sample, sharing in February and greenlighting full production.

When production resumes in March, you can see the various times to make each part. One of our biggest realizations came on custom wooden pieces - turns out thousands and thousands of them take time to make and paint. And then sort for bad ones, so that every game comes with the best components. Boxes will complete last. Of course, games can't get on the boat until everything is in there.

We know that this can be frustrating, and that plans may have been made on our former projected timeline, and for that we are sorry. We too want this game right now, but we also know that every decision and every checkpoint has made this game the best it can be. Rise of Tribes IS coming in 2018, delivered high quality to match it's high anticipation and to backers first, as soon as we have it. After that, we will celebrate it at Gen Con, Essen and all the shows in the land, and tales will be told of the bigger, better-than-ever-before mammoth game on your tabletop this summer.

We'll be in touch as soon as we have the production sample in a couple weeks. After that, we'll do regular updates to keep track of this schedule, and post links to videos and anything else cool we can share. 

Thank you for reading!
Peter and all of us at Breaking Games

Rulebook Spotted in the Wild!
over 2 years ago – Tue, Jan 02, 2018 at 05:22:48 AM

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